Visiting Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park is not strictly defined, however until the National park is made more accessible for the needs of tourism, the following options are available for visitors keen to explore what is on offer;

Phu Quoc National Park
Phu Quoc National Park
  • Hire motorbike on your own and explore the northerly parts of the island. The best areas and most forested parts can be found on the road toward Ganh Dau. To get there, take the road from Duong Dong towards Bai Thom and turn off toward Ganh Dau, the National park becomes more apparent the closer you get to Ganh Dau Village.

    Go to National Park By Motobike
    Go to National Park By Motobike
  • Walking Trails are limited, though for a great way to experience the national park there is a good walking trail 5kms before Ganh Dau, where the going is relatively easy and trail wide enough to take in the surrounding environment. The walk is a particularly pleasant way to escape the heat, as the vegetation provides cover from the heat of the sun. Take the same road mentioned previously towards Ganh Dau and 100m after the 5km Ganh Dau road marker on the left hand side you’ll find an opening in the national park with a clearly defined walking trail which continues for a couple of kilometers. Note, besides the 5km Ganh Dau marker, the actual trail is not sign posted.
Road in Ganh Dau
Road in Ganh Dau
  • If you’d like to experience the National Park along with other sites, you might consider booking a tour through one of the many tour operators on the island, or enquire with your hotel.

    Safe tips while walking and trekking

  • Always plan your trip carefully in advance.
  • Leave written details of your route and expected time of return with a responsible person.
  • Take your time; set a pace that the slowest member of your party can handle.
  • Make sure you have plenty of water, and that you know where fresh water is available along your track.
  • Always carry a well-equipped first aid kit.
  • Never light a fire on a day of Total Fire Ban.

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